Wednesday, May 14, 2014

HOT DANG! That Feels Good...

Yep.... That says 25! So in 52 days (7weeks) I have lost 25lbs.
This is the second day actually that I got on the scale and it said -25.
But I wanted to wait to post until I knew it wasn't just a day that I didn't drink enough water or something the day before.....
I do that usually, get pumped because I lost 3 pounds in a day. Then I get on the sale the next day and I'm up 4lbs.
So I waited it out and BOOM there it is again -25. (And a chior of angels plays in the background)
You don't even know how amazing it feels that the hard work I'm putting in by saying no to gorging myself is paying off!

Time for a glass of wine (on a Wednesday night, naughty me) to celebrate... Ya!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Keep On Moving On!

So, honestly I just not the most get up and go workout type person, strange since in highschool/college is was varsity sports and had a mean set of toned muscles. However since becoming a wife & Momma I find other things more exciting :)

So... My new friend has really really helped me move.

Its name is FITBIT and I wear it 24/7 (minus shower and other times when I'm really wet, but it is water resistant)
I love it. It really helps me track how non active I am and try my hardest to take a few more steps durning the day.

It connects/syncs with your phone through bluetooth and it shows, through your cell or the little screen on the fitbit, everything you do during the day. It shows your most active min and also how many calories you burn for the day.
Its an incentive to workout / walk more when at the end of the day you see a sad face if you haven't moved a decent amount. :)

Try it out... I got mine on eBay for a lot less than in stores.
But here is the link to find out all about it.

Monday, April 28, 2014

My Secret To a Successful 20 lbs Lost in 35Days.

MyFitnessPal App.
There I did it, I just opened up your world to a new phenomenon of charting what your eating (at home and out) And even scanning food barcodes and boom entered into your daily chart.

Its so easy its almost unbelievable.
Those little calories are in almost everything. So why not chart what you eat so you can eat anything you want (in the right amounts)

GO NOW! Signup and Download the APP!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Begining of a new me...

Starting a lifestyle change... Low Calorie Way

Yesterday I would of eaten my way through the day, snacking at every pass by the kitchen, just because I LOVE the taste of food! I want the taste in my mouth, so I just pop it in. Who cares what it does to me, my husband loves me just the way I am!

Today I have made the decision to change me.

No longer will I put it in my mouth because it taste good, clean my plate every meal even if I'm not hungry, and go back for seconds and thirds because its there.

I'm tired of getting sweaty and winded just from trying to get myself and daughters ready for the day. I'm tired of looking/trying on 1/2 my closet and finding things are snugger than they were a few weeks before. I'm tired of feeling ashamed at restaurants because I look at my empty plate while my husband still has food on his and feeling like I should obviously eat less than a man.

I'm done, I'm changing! I'm ready to feel like I can be seen in public in a bathing suit, buy clothes from the little boutiques downtown, and not wear a light weight sweater to hide my back and arm fat, even in the sweltering 95° weather.

No, I'm not going to return to my hard stomach & 145 lbs varsity sports body of my highschool years I know this, but I will strive to be a, Play outside with my daughters without dying after 10 minutes fulfilling mommy years.

100 lbs... I will loose 100lbs.
I will not "Diet" I will change me!

100lbs lighter, That's where I want to be!