Monday, March 24, 2014

Begining of a new me...

Starting a lifestyle change... Low Calorie Way

Yesterday I would of eaten my way through the day, snacking at every pass by the kitchen, just because I LOVE the taste of food! I want the taste in my mouth, so I just pop it in. Who cares what it does to me, my husband loves me just the way I am!

Today I have made the decision to change me.

No longer will I put it in my mouth because it taste good, clean my plate every meal even if I'm not hungry, and go back for seconds and thirds because its there.

I'm tired of getting sweaty and winded just from trying to get myself and daughters ready for the day. I'm tired of looking/trying on 1/2 my closet and finding things are snugger than they were a few weeks before. I'm tired of feeling ashamed at restaurants because I look at my empty plate while my husband still has food on his and feeling like I should obviously eat less than a man.

I'm done, I'm changing! I'm ready to feel like I can be seen in public in a bathing suit, buy clothes from the little boutiques downtown, and not wear a light weight sweater to hide my back and arm fat, even in the sweltering 95° weather.

No, I'm not going to return to my hard stomach & 145 lbs varsity sports body of my highschool years I know this, but I will strive to be a, Play outside with my daughters without dying after 10 minutes fulfilling mommy years.

100 lbs... I will loose 100lbs.
I will not "Diet" I will change me!

100lbs lighter, That's where I want to be!

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