Wednesday, May 14, 2014

HOT DANG! That Feels Good...

Yep.... That says 25! So in 52 days (7weeks) I have lost 25lbs.
This is the second day actually that I got on the scale and it said -25.
But I wanted to wait to post until I knew it wasn't just a day that I didn't drink enough water or something the day before.....
I do that usually, get pumped because I lost 3 pounds in a day. Then I get on the sale the next day and I'm up 4lbs.
So I waited it out and BOOM there it is again -25. (And a chior of angels plays in the background)
You don't even know how amazing it feels that the hard work I'm putting in by saying no to gorging myself is paying off!

Time for a glass of wine (on a Wednesday night, naughty me) to celebrate... Ya!!

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