Monday, February 25, 2013

VITAMIX = Happy Hubby

The Husband is in kitchen heaven.
It arrived on Saturday and in the two days he was home he made...

1. Creamy Loaded Potato Soup (There was enough to feed a med sized army. so ya I’m gonna enjoy that this week)
2. Italian Dressing
3. Balsamic Dressing
4. Pancakes (He even powderized a stick of chocolate in the vitamix so they were the creamiest chocolate pancakes ever)
5. Bruschetta
6. Fruit Smoothie

So…. Needless to say I think he likes it!

I made a Veggie/Fruit Smoothies Sunday Morning... i need to PINTERST recipes, it wasn’t super delish but it was edible/drinkable (Scarlett liked it) and I did feel full past our normal lunch time.

And I have a VERY organized pantry because he went hunting for anything and everything to make in his new toy this coming week and needed to be prepared. :)